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Corrective Make-Up Techniques


Color Correction Through Cosmetics

Color correcting is a corrective makeup technique used to establish a neutral canvas on the skin before applying makeup. It’s very rare for anyone to have a perfect complexion and almost everyone can benefit from these easy steps before applying their makeup. However, to the uneducated viewer, questions arise like "Which colors do I need?", "How much do I need?" and "Where do I need it?" Through an understanding of the color wheel, the process is the exact same as that of a hair stylist toning hair. Once color theory is understood, it can easily be applied to your own needs and others.


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Color Theorycolourwheel01

This process begins with simple color theory that each color has a complementary color.  It is the color that falls opposite to that color on the color wheel. The basic complemetary colors are: red and green, blue and orange and violet and yellow.  Complementary colors will cancel each out. Like toning hair, when there’s a pigment in the skin that isn’t desired, we apply pigment using its opposite to neutralize the desired result.

Some examples are:

  • Red acne can be toned down by applying green.
  • Dark circles under the eyes can be corrected using a coral color.
  • Acne scars can be hidden using a more yellow-olive color.



 Color Depth

The depth of color is a measure of how light or dark a color is.  The lower the number of depth, the darker the color. Color depth will vary based on  each individuals skin tone (just like hair).


  •  A woman of color, whose skin naturally contains more cooler tones, wants to get rid of under eye dark circles, let's say a level 2, can use a darker more bold orange level 2.
  • Someone with fair skin level 8 would want a more level 8 peach-like color.

With a good makeup product, this step should only require a light layer and too much could result in difficulty blending with the foundation and concealer later on. So remember a little goes a long way!

Every individual is unique and everyones skin is different so there’s no saying how much color correcting you’ll need and will be based off of the clients dislikes with their skin. Foundation and concealer will cover a lot of imperfections so a good way to judge where you need it is to ask where you feel the foundation and concealer doesn’t cover enough.



Not every spot needs color correction

When someone is bare faced it’s easy to completely cover your face in a rainbow of colors but there’s really no need and you’ll end up wasting a lot of product, adding an extra layer to your makeup isn’t needed. So don’t forget the power of your later makeup steps and just use color correcting as an extra boost for problem areas.

 Color correcting is such a simple step and if you properly color correct it can make all the difference in the desired result. Once mastered, it’ll be hard to imagine a makeup routine without it and is the key to a 100% flawless application.


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