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The Dyson Hair Dryer - A Stylist/Engineer Perspective

The technical stuff

I had no intention of reviewing the Dyson hair dryer but one of my favorite video bloggers decided to buy a Dyson to basically destroy it!  I like this guy because he breaks down all kinds of consumer products and gives his experienced opinion on the actual guts of a machine.  I know that most people on here reading this probably don't know the difference between electronic components or quality parts of machines but that is why I am here right?  Here's the link to his YouTube channel: AVE

It's well crafted

I watched the video that he posted and some of the important things that I noted about Dyson's craftmanship was that there was a lot of time spent by the engineers creating an electronics package to control the motor.  It does contain quality components.  The motor which is housed in the handle is electronically controlled and rotates what amounts to a jet engine impeller to move air.


Quieter than the rest

Dyson also spent considerable time designing to dampen the noise that the most hair dryers make.  This happens with the design of electronics and motor to cancel out noise.  AVE actually records the dryer while it is on and shows the sound profile and how electronics design will cancel out some of the noise that plagues other hair dryers.


Other tested features

Some other notable tests that the Dyson hair dryer performed well on are: air flow, heat, anti-static and overall design/appearance.  The hair dryer blew a larger volume than average of other hair dryers.  It also heated that air that it moves hotter.  Moving more air at a hotter tempurature means you can dry your hair faster.  AVE did wonder about the static reduction unit though.  He noted that there was no grounding prong on the plug.  Overall when you look at the appearance of the dryer it looks great.  It appears to be metallic but in fact it is high glass content plastic that is finished to look metallic.

Here is his video breakdown:



My opinion

Overall this is a great hair dryer... If you have the money to buy it and not bat an eye-lash. It's cool and great engineering but it was only marginally better than other quality hairdryers at a fraction of the price.  Another concern that I have is that it isn't at all servicable and with the state of the art electronics will it stand up to being dropped through a reasonable lifetime of the product.  In conclusion if you have the money and want the latest and greatist, get it.  If you don't have the $400 to burn then spend your money elsewhere.









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